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Social Security Symposium | Summer 2023 (Day 1 and 2)

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Social protection at the crossroads: towards new social contract

Jasmina Papa

Framing, Financing, Delivering a Green Basic Income for a Just Transition

Reinhard Huss

Macroeconomic and Developmental Impacts of Selected BIG Pathways

Asghar Adelzadeh

The necessity of social security for economic transformation and economic development in SA

Seeraj Mohamed

Advancing Social Security in Times of Auterity

Isabel Ortiz

Rethinking Social Security in Context, For Our Troubled Times

Pedro Mzileni

What Makes The Just Transition Just

Noma Jakuja

Critical Frontiers Of Social Security Policy Development In South Africa

Isobel Frye

Lessons from Communities on Climate Change Impacts

Francesca de Gasparis

"The Role of Social Security in South Africa's Just Transition"

Jezri Krinsky

Framing of a UBI in South Africa and How it should be financed

Noma Jakuja

Benefit packages, including best demonstrated practice for an insurance cover for entrepreneurs in the informal sector in South Africa

Juliane Hoss

Define the floor of a minimum Decent Standard of Living in the Just Transition

Mastoera Sadan

Vision 2035 | A Plan To Achieve Full Employment In South Africa

Duma Gqubule

Social Security Policy responses to realities of the informal economy

Nicola Yon


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