post-Covid Social Security and Labour Market Activation Innovation

Global mapping

The Covid-19 Pandemic has thrown into crisis the well-being of vulnerable people across the world. It has also drawn attention to the actions fo states to provide safety nets as well as humanitarian aid through cash transfers.

From a policy perspective, this is a unique period to begin to map the learnings of innovative programmes and policies being piloted and track the critical inputs and variables that might be of relevance to other countries. Coverage for informal workers for instance is a compelling matter across the world, and learning about supportive registration and payment methods will be beneficial to compare.

This project will also be tracking innovation in the links between social security and labour market activation policies. We are clear that we do not support the imposition of conditionalities to social security systems – ie we are not looking to enforce registration for employment schemes in order to access cash grants. The literature globally demonstrates that this has NO positive outcomes. We are interested in questions of increased disposable incomes through cash grants and more sustainable local economic micro- entrepreneurial enterprises, better support for care services and ways of pooling monies to increase
economic inclusion for policy development.