Restore hope in our nation,
peace in our streets,
dignity in our homes
and prosperity in our economy.

Mission Statement

We are advocating for an unconditional universal monthly grant of R1500.00 per month to be granted to every South African resident, including refugees and registered asylum seekers.

We are utilising this space to advocate for the lifeline our people deserve. The Universal Basic Income (UBI) is not an act of pity but of duty. It is the only feasible solution to tackle the unprecedented levels of poverty and unemployment that plague our rich and fertile land. We owe it to our people to give them the basic dignity that our comrades fought for. Join the call for our future.

A Universal Basic Income is a monthly grant that is paid unconditionally. This means that it would be available to every single South African citizen, regardless of age, race, gender or income. We are advocating for a grant of R1500.00 per month as this would enable every single South African to live at the Upper Bound Poverty Line and afford their basic needs every single month. The amount mentioned above is big enough to create a multiplier effect, thus propelling economic growth and job creation.

In a country experiencing times as dark as ours, a UBI is the only solution that would create substantial change and put us onto a path of prosperity. It is not a silver bullet solution to all of our problems, but it is the best chance we have to begin tackling many of them effectively. We hope to win your support through credible research, heart-felt testimonies and expert dialogues.

Enables every South African to afford their basic necessities
Promotes job creation due to expanded demand
Stimulates growth for all in township economies
Promotes education, health and general well-being
Stimulates local and national economic growth
Promotes social cohesion by reducing crime and inequality


I'm also supporting the grant because it will help all of us, this abuse comes from no income. Some of us are hiding from abuse because we don't have any income. We know that at the end off the day we don't get any support from anyone. We hide everything because we are financially broke and when you talk about someone always doing things for you, there will still be no food on the table for you. This will help us a lot, I stand with the grant of R1335. We really need it, it will help with the crime as well. Because people are deprived and desperate.
Mama Lillian
Greetings I am Fano Mbatha and I am 48 years old. I living in Pietermaritzburg at KZN. I am one of the people who receive R350(SRoD)I wish our government can increase the amount, yes 350 makes a difference in people's lives. There are many households I know they depend on it but if possible that our gov n presidency give authorization to increase it, inorder to cover a lot of things. It is our wish as South Africans that government add to this amount at least be R1200 per month per person, to buy groceries as the food prices increases. Thank you!
Fano Mbatha
Our people are struggling, the poor are getting poorer, me being one of those people. I have last worked in 2015, I've been home since caring for my elderly mother who has been diagnosed with dimensia. Before that, I couldn't find a job, due to age restrictions. I am fit but cannot find a job, either my skin color is not right or my age. My husband is also unemployed for the same reasons, he is qualified but because he is white and over 35, he cannot find a job. The grant will make a huge difference to myself, my family, and the community. I used to feed the community out of my own pocket, but now I cannot continue. This is a day to day struggle. Everyday there is a hungry child to feed, a hungry adult. This grant would make a tremendous difference for all unemployed people. Please hear our plea.
Evan Cloete
Basic income can do a lot to us the unemployed we have lots of demands our parents are not working they sent us to the universities with a hope that one day we would put bread on the table but then we end up demanding everything from them food, clothes, money to do application for jobs because we are unemployed we are relying from their old pension grant which does a lot of things including medications when someone is ill Basic income grant can help us to do things such as stokvels as youth that money from stokvels can do a lot in our homes such as building our homes or doing small renovations as our homes are destroyed by weather conditions and putting food on the table since the amount of R1890 for old pension cannot satisfy all the needs we have at home.
Mpume Mvubu