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People living in poverty in South Africa
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adults unemployed
(Q1 2024)
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Social Relief of Distress grants (2024)
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Food Poverty Line | per Person Per Month (PPPM)
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Lower Poverty line | PPPM
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Upper Poverty line | PPPM
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Latest from SPI

SPI is a frequent contributor to global analysis on poverty, unemployment, inequality and social security in South Africa. We host & take part in podcasts & interviews as well as frequently release articles and publications backing our research. 

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Universal Basic Income

Since our inception, SPI has raised the call for a universal basic income grant. Indexed to the Upper Bound Poverty Line, our research demonstrates how this one policy will be able to stabilise society, meet basic needs, create just under 5 million decent jobs and grow the economy between 5,2% p.a. in just three years. 

Revolutionizing South Africa's Economy with Universal Basic Income
Explore our comprehensive analysis on implementing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to stabilize society, meet basic needs, and create nearly 5 million jobs. Our research shows UBI can grow the economy by 5.2% per year within three years.
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International Work

Human Rights are universal. In 2022 SPI received Observer Status with the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights. We have made submissions to the UN Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights. We have research partner projects across the Global South. SPI is a member of Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN). We are establishing a new project to track international post-Covid social security and labour market policy innovation and learnings.

Social Security

A History of Social Security in SA and the Case for a BIG


A review of Social Security Policy in SA and a comparison of recent research papers on universal basic income in SA from 2020 to 2022.


A Basic Income Grant for a Better South Africa: The Evolution of Social Assistance in South Africa after 1994

Fiscal Multipliers

The Efficacy Of Fiscal Policy in South Africa


This paper’s objective is to inform South African debates about the feasibility of introducing a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG)

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