Green light for equitable development

South Africa’s Just Transition agenda earned global approval at COP27 for being on deadline, but also for its depth and detail. Now the money deals have to be closed for the R1.5 trillion five year Just Energy Transition Investment Plan (JET IP), a plan that was released with hours to spare before the opening of COP27.

Wages & Equality: A Long Way Apart

Wages are still the single most important source of income, although social grants are a close second. Wage inequality is the largest driver of income inequality in South Africa.

Rising inequality in SA

Executive Director, Isobel Frye, speaks in an interview with SABC News on the MTBSP 2022 and the rising inequality in South Africa.

MTBPS: Jobs for youth mean dignity, stability

South Africa’s youth unemployment has grown to state of such dysfunction that it will be a key constraint in any future path that is taken, and it could destroy the fabric of our democratic dream unless sufficiently large interventions are taken immediately.