Social Relief of Distress – A small miracle that needs defending


These days it is easy to overlook miracles in the noise of our lamentations. Relentlessly rising inflation, climate change crises, the extreme rise in hunger and in South Africa the national sense of powerlessness as people try to navigate normal with only 60 percent energy – this is all a lot to deal with on any given day.

Embracing Decency and Dignity

Across the globe, including in South Africa and her neighbours, the cost of meeting basic needs is rising exponentially. In South Africa, income sources are dwindling.

Where does the power lie? – OPINION

As the costs mount, it is concerning that no one who is formally in power seems to have any control. And amid all the chaos, the inequalities between the rich and the rest are growing.

Filicide: A story of poverty, hardship and depression

On the evening of November 8, Nomboleko Simayile, a 32-year-old mother of four children ranging in age from 2 to 11 years, allegedly bludgeoned her children to death in the rondavel where they were staying with her parents in Tsalaba village in Engcobo in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.