Where does the power lie? – OPINION

As the costs mount, it is concerning that no one who is formally in power seems to have any control. And amid all the chaos, the inequalities between the rich and the rest are growing.

Filicide: A story of poverty, hardship and depression

On the evening of November 8, Nomboleko Simayile, a 32-year-old mother of four children ranging in age from 2 to 11 years, allegedly bludgeoned her children to death in the rondavel where they were staying with her parents in Tsalaba village in Engcobo in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The unequal face of death in South Africa

There is a tragedy inherent in the fact that despite the guaranteed rights to life and equality in the Constitution, the realm in which inequality ultimately determines life, is in death. The ways of dying in South Africa reflect such difference it is as if South Africa is one state made up of varied parts.

Green light for equitable development

South Africa’s Just Transition agenda earned global approval at COP27 for being on deadline, but also for its depth and detail. Now the money deals have to be closed for the R1.5 trillion five year Just Energy Transition Investment Plan (JET IP), a plan that was released with hours to spare before the opening of COP27.