UNICEF South Africa’s Public Finance Events in 2023 REPORT.

The following report encapsulates the rich insights gleaned from a series of seminars and discussions hosted by UNICEF South Africa. These deliberations brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, including government officials, experts, civil society representatives, and UN agencies, to delve into critical dimensions of South Africa’s fiscal policy, socio economic rights, and standards of living.

The topics covered spanned public spending choices, parliamentary accountability, and an exploration of the possession of socially perceived necessities (SPNs). Collectively, these discussions underscore the nation’s commitment to transparency, robust social protection, and the ongoing pursuit of a more inclusive developmental agenda.

UNICEF strives to ensure that no woman or child is left behind by working to support the South African Government, families and communities in reducing child poverty and improving education, health care and child protection within our societies.

Ongoing partnerships are the strength of UNICEF with the commitment and support of partners in civil society, businesses, the media and academia in ensuring that the organisation’s impact is tangible and long-lasting.