Basic Income Support: A Case for South Africa

Why A Basic Income Support? Basic income support can eliminate poverty with dignity and security for all Contributes to equity and social cohesion – Basic income can close the gap in income, but more so in personal opportunity and in empowerment Developmental and may stimulate economic growth Encourages entrepreneurship, life-long learning, creative and caring work […]

Rewired: Can South Africa afford not to implement a BIG?

Isobel Frye and Duma Gqubule host Guy Standing on BIG discussion Can we afford NOT to have a BIG in South Africa? — Pilots, multipliers and Covid- recovery stimulus – let the evidence lead Guy Standing (Professorial Research Associate, SOAS University of London and co-Founder of BIEN) In this episode, Guy Standing, internationally renown expert […]

SPII Talk Newsletter 2nd Quarter April – June 2020

To say that 2020 is a year unlike anything I have ever lived through is as trite as it is profound in my view. As a research institute located in the Social Justice Sector, SPII has had to reflect deeply on the interface between our ongoing work and the contribution that we can make to […]

Media Statement: People United in National Day of Working Class Action

On Saturday, 1st August 2020 #PayTheGrants campaign participated in the working class Day of Action in South Africa to protest the state’s dismal response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the devastating effects of that response on the working classes and marginalised groups of South Africa. This action called for the implementation of a BIG. SPII […]

Rewired: Does South Africa need more Austerity or a Fiscal Stimulus?

Isobel Frye and Dume Gqubule hotst Busi Sibeko on Fiscal Policy Does South Africa need more Austerity or a Fiscal Stimulus? — Can SA Reimagine Fiscal Policy in the wake of the Covid-19 depression? Busi Sibeko (Institute for Economic Justice | Researcher) In this episode Busi Sibeko talks to Duma Gqubule and Isobel Frye about […]